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BUSC Est. 1926

The British Universities Ski Club was first established in 1926, making it one of the oldest alpine ski clubs in the world. It was conceived in parallel with Swiss and American university ski clubs that date back to the 1920s to foster international relations within the ski racing community and enable university students to compete internationally in alpine skiing



City Drinks, London

Autumn 2022

BUSC AGM and Annual Dinner, Edinburgh

November 2022

The Anglo Swiss Meet, St. Moritz

31st Jan - 3rd Feb 2022

The Amateur Inter Club Team

Championships, Wengen

10th - 12th March 2022

The International SAS Pentathlon, Grindelwald

18th - 20th March 2022

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Who are we?

A club of wintersports enthusiasts, united by a common passion for competition, camaraderie and the outdoors; committed to upholding tradition and determined to nurture the intimate relationship between higher studies and high performance sport.


Lifelong friendship

At the heart of BUSC is a commitment to forging friendships within our own ski team, peer group and beyond. With every intake of new members the network of like-minded individuals grows and brings new energy into the fold for the club to thrive and move forward year upon year. We are fortunate enough to have exceptional ties with the Swiss Academic Ski Club (SAS) who may be adversaries on the slopes but are dear allies off them and has provided generations of BUSC members with enduring relationships that breach borders.

What makes us special?

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The premise for this club has always been to foster healthy competition between alpine skiing athletes in further education. For many becoming a part of BUSC is a first opportunity to compete internationally and travel abroad in doing so. The annual Anglo Swiss competition against the SAS is never taken lightly and brings out the very best competitive spirit in a team atmosphere which we rarely enjoy in alpine skiing but it is another example where sport can be an incredible force for unity once the race is over.

The Streets

Upholding tradition

Among the UK's oldest ski clubs, BUSC is extremely proud of its heritage and loyalty of its membership to observing many traditions that preserve the unique character of the club. We are also extremely fortunate to have a flexible, multi-generational delegation who are not afraid to move with the times and have relished the opportunity to bring BUSC into the modern era in a progressive fashion. 


Incorporation and Membership of the Company

In 2017, the Club was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and all activities will now be undertaken by the company. Members of the former Club are invited to become members of the company and are requested to complete an application for membership and pay subscriptions to the new entity, details for which can be found under the tab 'Support & Subs' on this website

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